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UPDATE: Order Any Pastry Box by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
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Spice Blends Four-Pack
The Spice Guy CO

Spice Blends Four-Pack

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We've partnered up with The Spice Guy CO to bring you a party park of his top sellers! all packaged in compostable, resealable pouches.

  1. Summit County Steak & Veg -  We carefully constructed this puppy to be used as much in proteins as in veggies and beyond. The flavor profile compliments many (if not all) forms of cuisine. 
  2. Roasted Garlic Blend - Take literally anything that swims, runs or grows and dust it with this one for a guaranteed winner all year long. Bits of roasted garlic and minced onion along with a myriad of other dried veggies make up this crowd-pleasing, virtuous blend.
  3. Fajita Spice - Turn this sexy mamacita into a marinade by adding 2 TBS to 1 cup of oil and marinade your chicken, steak, pork or veggies all day while you're at work. When you get home pop it in a hot frying pan, open the sour cream, tortillas, salsa and turn on the mariachi, we're heading south of the border. 
  4. Everything Bagel Mix - In the famous words of Katt Williams, "Everythang, Everythang." Can you scream, avocado toast? We also love this crusted on fried chicken, or on top of a cut of salmon.
The Spice Guy was started in 2013 with $50 and the desire to bring the highest quality spices to chefs and home cooks all over Colorado. A lot has changed in 7 years, with over 2000 restaurant customers and tens of thousands home cooks using our products. 

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