UPDATE: Order Any Pastry Box by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
UPDATE: Order Any Pastry Box by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
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* Due to our bakery's bread constraints, any order with bread (like this box) will be delivered on THURSDAY.

2 12 oz coffee beans from Copper Door Roasters

  • 2 different types of freshly roasted beans from Copper Door Coffee - you'll have to wait to find out which ones you get!
    • Please indicate decaf in your order if you prefer decaf beans
  • Copper Door Coffee is Denver's only 100% woman-owned roaster

     1 San Francisco Sourdough Loaf from Rebel Bread

    • A classic bread with a bite. Soft, yet sturdy. Brought to you by our friendly bakers at Rebel Bread, who bake their naturally fermented, gluten-reduced bread in Rino. They also podcast (Against the Grain)!

    1 Dozen Rocky Mountain Cage-Free Eggs

    • Sourced from FoodMaven
    • Grade AA, Large Brown Eggs

    32 ounce jar (4 cups) of Ardent Mills Transitional All-Purpose Flour

    • High-quality, non-GMO, and produced without bromates, bleach, or enrichments!
    • Exclusively sourced by FoodMaven, a local marketplace to reduce food waste.
    • Ardent Mills (Colorado-based) is dedicated to working with farmers and supporting their transition to organic through subsidies, educational resources, and creating markets for their high-quality products.

    1 Half Gallon of Milk from Morning Fresh

    • Choose your favorite milk from a Morning Fresh, a Bellvue-based, family-owned dairy farm (Note: Chocolate Milk will be 1 quart vs 1 Half Gallon)
    • Not a cow milk person? No problem, simply choose "No Milk" ($4 less)

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