UPDATE: Order Any Rebel Bread Goodie by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
UPDATE: Order Any Rebel Bread Goodie by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
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Our Story

As prior sustainability consultants, we know the importance of thriving local agriculture and hospitality to the sustainability of the environment and economy. When the COVID-19 crisis greatly disrupted the food-supply chain and threatened the businesses of local producers, we saw a need for a better system to deliver goods directly from producers to the community. And thus, goodshyft was born.

Often, consumers do not recognize the wealth of products in their own backyard. Our model brings awareness to the products and producers in the Colorado community and takes out the middleman. We source products from local farmers, restaurants, and small businesses to bring high-quality goods right to your door. Not only does this eliminate unnecessary contact points, making the food safer for you and your family, but it ensures that you get the freshest, most locally-sourced products. Furthermore, because consumers buy directly from local producers, that money gets invested into the local economy, leading to growth.

Environmental sustainability is woven into every piece of our operations and vision. We buy in bulk (when possible) from our local vendors to reduce packaging, avoid plastic (when possible), and deliver our goods with no additional (and unnecessary) packaging. Our delivery boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard and can be reused on your next goodshyft order. By localizing the supply chain, we reduce the environmental impact of non-local distribution, decreasing carbon emissions created by mass-market transportation.

Additionally, we focus on social sustainability by choosing to work with small, women-owned, and minority-owned businesses in our community. We believe social justice and individual rights are imperative to a healthy, happy, and sustainable world. 
Why goodshyft?
goodshyft’s goal is to shift consumer habits by creating awareness about the sustainability and accessibility of locally-sourced goods. As we saw at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, our food system is broken. Mass-market grocery stores struggled to meet food demand while farmers and suppliers whose primary clients were in the hospitality industry had huge amounts of food waste. By shifting the focus from mass-market corporations to hyper-local producers, consumers invest in their local economy. A thriving local economy is necessary to protect our communities against future vulnerabilities.

At goodshyft, we are committed to creating a system that will stand up against future economic, environmental, or health crises.

Come join the farm-to-door revolution.

Our Team

 Carra Kelly, co-founder 

female entrepreneur food and beverage delivery

Beth Birchfield, co-founder