UPDATE: Order Any Pastry Box by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
UPDATE: Order Any Pastry Box by Monday 3pm for Thursday Delivery!
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About Us

Goodshyft is a company born out of the current economic and public health crisis to bridge the gap between local farmers, the food and beverage industry, and the local community. We bring the farmers market directly to your door by connecting struggling local farmers, chefs, and artisans to the social distancing community via a centralized grocery/meal delivery service.

Our Story

Environmental and social sustainability is our number one mission. 

The goodshyft project is a division of ecoshyft which is a female owned, sustainability consulting firm in Denver focusing on helping businesses, hospitality, and events become more environmentally friendly.  In order to continue to work towards our ultimate goal of building a more sustainable world, we had to drastically pivot our efforts to immediately address the unprecedented issues farmers and the food industry are facing during this crisis. 

Why this is important

Prior to the Covid crisis, 50% of what the US spent on food was outside of the home. When our economy is in the midst of a massive and involuntary transition to mandatory home-only food options we see places like grocery stores struggle to meet demand. 

It’s not a food shortage issue, it’s a supply chain issue. In fact, while grocery store shelves are bare, there are mass amounts of food waste from farmers and suppliers that were supplying the hospitality industry. 

Read More: New York Times: Food Waste of the Pandemic 


Our Team

 Carra Kelly, co-founder 

Beth Birchfield, co-founder